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Commercial | New York City, NY

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Commercial | New York City, NY
100,000,000 USD
Property Type: Commercial
Action: for sale
Location: New York City NY United States
An amazing NYC trophy asset in Long Island City. The building is a high rise with one single tenant. It is under a NNN lease at a 5.5% cap rate. The building is a very quiet off market opportunity, direct to seller. $930,000,000.00
We also have another building in Times Square for $2.4 billion dollars.
We also have a 55,000 BPD updated refinery that is 80% ready to ship for sale at $165M plus $6M fee..ships from USA..already pre-packaged, a certificate of guarantee from highly reputable company, extra parts.
We have a 140K BPD refinery for $2.3B; 2 years of extra parts, warranty, erection, tanks, and plethora of other items..similar sells for over $14B

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